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Guincho - 18/03/2007

Estava POWER!!! Depois das 6 da tarde acelerou e bem!

Alguém mediu? :D

Parecia Verao

Tudo carregado


Inside the Kite Temple: An Australian on the other side....(last part)

So teaching kiteboarding as a full time job? Is it really as good as it sounds?

Well it depends.....if you are already an Astronaut and part time Playboy photographer you might think again, but my time on these sandy beaches has been unbelievable. Everyday im down the beach hanging with the local guys and girls that have become really close friends and we have had a lot of fun together.

Meeting new people from all different parts of the world who have come down for lessons and more often than not getting stuck into the drinks with them afterwards.

Just this summer I taught an Airline Pilot, a University Professor and Tino how to
speak beautiful fluent English!

I have never enjoyed my kiting so much and that in itself has made the trip worth...many thanks to the waves of Nova Vaga and Guincho

Lisbon's view from the Castle

Although it isn't just the kiting that made it so good, its living in a big city and getting the opportunity to look around when I am not working and kick back with friends with a jug of Sangria that has made it so much fun too.

During the day its surf and sun and by night it's into an amazing city to check out the nightlife and work some magic on the dance floor. My company 'Kite Temple' has offered me everything I could possibly need and getting the chance to work alongside them has been an amazing opportunity.

They all went to great lengths to make me feel comfortable during my stay. A car, a phone, a free house.....all this for a kite instructor? Would I find this type of job along with the opportunities I have been given somewhere else? Who knows? There is only one way to find out but that person won´t be me just yet....I have a lot of Portugal left to discover yet. Although this season I will be pushing for a surround sound system in the hut and inflatable lounges....maybe even a full-time girl to inflate my kites.

Working hard

I would also like to thank all the KT crew, for giving me the opportunity to come over work with you crazy guys and taking the risk of getting me over here, I have had such an awesome time. The wives and girlfriends of those crazy guys, for telling me the real meaning of the words they are teaching me and for your hospitality.

You have all been super hosts and I appreciate everything you have done for me while I have been there and the good times we have had this summer, it makes leaving all the harder. I look forward to seeing the newest member of the KT crew this season too, little Tomás.

All the rest who I have met along the way, the friends I made, I look forward to seeing you all again this season. Someone unfortunately who I wont see is Tino as your in the States. You have been like my brother while I have been here and the centre of many funny times and long nights. You can be my wingman anytime! Good luck over there and if ever in doubt ´Put it by the hole!´

Tino in his glider

See you all next season for what we all hope is a year of good wind and good times on and off the water.

The End

Angus Kitchin